A Charity Concert: Life, Passion & Music

Presented by:
Department of Health Policy and Management, FK UGM

Prof. Adi Utarini
SKE Band
Jodi Visnu
Paramaksi Plus
Putri K. Larasati
Gadjah Mada Chamber Orchestra
Oldies Section Band

Driyarkara Auditorium, Universitas Sanata Dharma, Yogyakarta
Saturday, mei 5th 2018, 19.00 WIB

All ticket sales were donated to Yogyakarta’s branch of Yayasan Kanker Indonesia (Indonesian Cancer Foundation)

This concert was initiated to illustrate Adi Utarini’s musical journey. Music has accompanied her since her early life until she became a professor, which would be any academic’s peak of career.

A timeline of five segments with various genre was performed along with other music professionals and climaxed with cheerful tunes for the audienceat the end. 

YouTube Video link:

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