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Indonesian Cancer Foundation (Yayasan Kanker Indonesia)

Established on December 21, 1987, the Indonesian Cancer Foundation (YKI) has a vision of building a cancer caring society or “Masyarakat Peduli Kanker.” PEDULI (or caring) means that giving attention (PErhatian) for cancer is not just a matter of the individual whom diagnosed with cancer or their family alone; provide support (DUkungan) in accordance with its capabilities and capacities; provide protection (LIndungan) for the ones whom diagnosed with cancer so that they feel comfortable and able to evoke their spirit to find the best solution for their treatment and to improve their quality of life.

The mission of YKI is to increase community awareness in the prevention of cancer through the provision of promotive, preventive, and supportive services. The promotive program is carried out through Communication, Information and Education and advocacy for cancer prevention. The focus is to promote healthy lifestyles to reduce the risk of getting cancer. The preventive program aims to be able to perform early detection of cancer. Supportive programs provide services to improve the quality of life of cancer patients, undertake research and other activities.

Source: www.cancerindojogja.net

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