Konser Soempah Pemoeda: Sedjiwa Setjinta

Presented by:
Studio 3ADIKA

Prof. Adi Utarini
Adinda Putri
Jodi Visnu
Danu Kusuma
Ike Kusumawati
Fafan Isfandiar
Afriza Animawan
Aryani Ballet
Mixline Dance


FKKMK UGM Auditorium, Yogyakarta
Sunday, October 28th 2018 18.30-20.00 WIB


Soempah Pemoeda (The Youth Pledge) was the declaration by young Indonesian nationalists for Indonesia to become a single united entity. The burning spirit of these youths is crucial to be remembered eternally and expressed through various activities.

Soempah Pemoeda: Sedjiwa Setjinta concert expressed the spirit and optimism that existed during the early Indonesian independence period. Classical music created by Indonesian and international composers will be performed with piano and strings format.


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