A Charity Concert

Ticket Purchase Instructions

How to Buy Tickets?

You can buy Life, Passion and Music Charity Concert tickets via online. Please follow the instruction on How to Buy Tickets via Online below.


Live on the Spot

  1. Open www.adiutarini.id, choose Concert: Life, Passion and Music menu, then click “Tickets order” on the right side of the menu. After the tickets order page is opened, click BUY TICKETS on the tickets type box. Wait for venue layout page to appear. You will find available tickets option. Then choose the concert ticket class: Platinum (blue) Rp 400,000, Gold (gold) Rp 250,000, or Silver Rp 100,000 with your desired seat(s).
  2. Click BUY, after that the confirmation of amount of bills to be paid will appear.
  3. Click Proceed to Checkout. On the Checkout page, there will appear the Billing Details (country, name, email, phone number) which needs to be filled by the purchaser. Below the Billing Details is the Attendee Info which needed to be filled with the information regarding who will attend the concert.
  4. Click I agree to the Terms & Conditions.
  5. The information about payment will be shown and sent to your e-mail. Please check your e-mail after you click PLACE ORDER.


Live Streaming

To watch via live streaming please contact our Contact Person:

Phone number/Whatsapp: 082116964004

E-mail: konseramal.ikm@gmail.com

Once payment has been made, you will be given a link along with the username and password to get access through the concert streaming page.


Watching the Life, Passion and Music Charity Concert means you give donation to the Indonesian Cancer Foundation (YKI), Yogyakarta Province branch. All tickets sale after tax deduction will be donated to this foundation.

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