Sound of Village Vol. 1: Lots of Love

Prof. Adi Utarini and friends


Live Streaming for
International Audience:
(US $ 10)*



  1. Paypal User
    Proceed to payment by clicking the link below:
  2. Non Paypal User
    Provide your data of name, email address, phone number and your preferred currency of payment via Whatsapp +62 82116964004 (Yulia).
    We will then send you the payment link (invoice) to your email or phone number.
    Please proceed to your payment through the given link.


Payment Confirmation

  1. Paypal User
    Confirm your payment via Whatsapp +62 82116964004 (Yulia) or email to by mentioning your Paypal Account Name.
  2. Non Paypal User
    Send a Screenshot or photo proof of your payment via Whatsapp +62 82116964004 (Yulia) or email to


Account for Live Streaming
Account details for live streaming will be sent on April 8th 2019.
Live streaming trial will be held on the same date.

* Or other currencies you normally used and provided at Paypal account. For example, you may use AUD, USD, SGD, GBP.

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Studio 3DIKA

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